I have six years professional experience as a medical illustrator and designer, collaborating with neurosurgeons, scientists, research teams, and other health care professionals as well as with an editorial team to create diverse projects in a wide variety of end-product formats. From illustrations and diagrams for print publications to works designed for presentations, apps and websites, I will be able to assist in the creation of effective and impactful visual content. ‪My passion is collaborating with subject matter experts to transform their research into creative and effective graphics that breakdown complex material and allow viewers to grasp the intricacies of the information. I enjoy the puzzle aspect of my work where I have to think from both the viewer and content expert’s standpoint and translate information so it can be understood without diluting the information. 

My graduate training in medical and biological training was done at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. There I took classes along side the medical students to learn anatomy and how to successfully communicate medical information visually.